FRANK BARBER, Attorney at Law
Challenge of Immigration Law
Attorney Frank Barber was successful in having a harsh Louisiana law, which targeted immigrants, declared illegal by a Louisiana State Court District Judge.  Mr. Barber represents Jorge A. Campos, who was charged with the crime "Operating a Motor Vehicle Without a Legal Presence in the US", which was a felony in Louisiana law.  Mr. Campos faced jail time and fines if convicted. 

Mr. Barber, recognizing that the law was contrary to the United States Constitution, filed a Motion to challenge the law.  On November 8, 2012, Mr. Barber's challenge was rightfully recognized when Louisiana District  Court Judge Charles L. Porter declared the law unconstitutional and threw out the case against Mr. Campos.

Today is a great victory for the concept of equal justice for all.

Copies of the documents relevant to the legal challenge of the law are provided below.

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