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Judge Declares Louisiana Immigration Law Unconstitutional

St. Martinville, Louisiana, USA  11/8/2012

Louisiana District Judge, Charles L. Porter today made a declaration that a Louisiana law which targets immigrants, unconstitutional.  Louisiana Revised Statutes Title 14:100.13  entitled “Operating a vehicle without lawful presence in the United States” makes it illegal for a nonresident alien to operate a motor vehicle without “documentation demonstrating that the person is lawfully present in the United States.”  The penalties for violation of the crime include fines up to one thousand dollars, and imprisonment of up to a year at hard labor, making this crime a felony under current Louisiana law.

New Iberia, Louisiana attorney, Frank E. Barber, represents,  Jorge Angel Campos, who was charged, on August 18, 2011 with violating the provisions of Louisiana’s immigration law.  In response to the charges, Barber filed a Motion to Quash the Bill of Information, officially challenging the legality and constitutionality of Louisiana’s immigration law.  Because of Barber’s successful challenge, the charges against Campos cannot go forward.

Barber states “Today is a great victory for the concept of equal justice for all.  Making a felony out of driving a car is nonsense.  Until the federal government has a reasonable way to approach the immigration issues which arise in this great nation, the individual states should not interfere with the process.”  Barber further states that since the law, an act of the Louisiana Legislature,  was declared invalid, Louisiana law requires that any appeal by the State of Louisiana will be brought to the highest court in Louisiana, the Supreme Court of Louisiana.  Barber expects the Attorney General of the State of Louisiana to appeal the ruling of Judge Porter.

Frank E. Barber, Attorney at Law, practices law in New Iberia, Louisiana, Louisiana.  Mr. Barber focuses his practice on protecting the rights of injured persons.

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